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— Students visited Specialized Childrens Center in Bishkek
Students visited Specialized Childrens Center in Bishkek
On 21.04.2017, Student of 8th Semester Subraveti Sai Ravi Kiran and his group mates: Kanuma Ravi Teja, Bylla Naveen Kumar, Mothukuri Vamsi Krishna, Kanaparthi Akshitha visited Specialized Children’s  Center in Bishkek, where there are 45 orphanages. The children were playing when the students arrived and came outdoors to greet them, shyly smiling. As per request of the Administration of Specialized Children’s Center , Subraveti Sai Ravi Kiran brought to the children stationaries and sweets.
             Administration of the Specialized Children`s Center expressed its gratitude to our students and invited to the morning performance of the children on 28.04.2017.
Administration of ISM values Subraveti Sai Ravi Kiran`s charity work and calls the students of ISM to volunteer and help to those who need their hel

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