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— Summer school participants hosted by Erasmus Plus Program
Summer school participants hosted by Erasmus Plus Program
     As part of the TUTORIAL project, the three-week summer school for 24 teachers and researchers of Central Asian and Indian medical universities was organized by EU universities during 2-21 July, 2017. The first week was organized by the International Center for Rural Health of University of Milan (Prof. Claudio Colosio) on Occupational Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and innovative teaching and learning methods.

     The program of the second week was dedicated to Public Health and Environmental Health and provided by the team of Prof. Hans Orru at the University of Tartu, Estonia.


     The third week was devoted to Innovative teaching and learning methods (blended learning) and organized by the team of Dr. Elena Eyngron at the Technical University Berlin.

     All three weeks programs were very intensive and innovative.
The following staff of the International school of medicine were selected through competition to attend the summer school: Dr. Kenesh Dzhusupov, Dr. Baktygul Imankulova, Dr. Zhyldyz Kurzhunbaeva and Mr. Uran Musaev.

     Dr. Baktygul Imankulova shared her impressions of the summer school: “The summer school was excellent! The program was innovative and interesting. Lectures and workshops were quite helpful, despite the participants worked all days long. In addition an interesting social program was offered to us. We had wonderful time at Garda Lake in Italy, we succeeded in finding some time to visit Reichstag in Berlin and National museum of Estonia. All these activities were kindly sponsored by the Erasmus Plus Program.

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