Speech by the President of the IUK Academic Consortium

Message of the President

Dear Students, Parents, and University Staff,

The International University of Kyrgyzstan (IUK) is a relatively young University. Established in 1993, at the dawn of Kyrgyzstan’s independence, it has evolved through a difficult and complex pathway together with our country.

Along this pathway, we have kept up with the times, not being afraid to be the first, to move forward, to implement all the new and progressive and preserve the best traditions.

We are proud that in these difficult times we have been able to glean and retain within our University walls a considerable part of the country intellectual layer, dedicated professionals who, in spite of the difficulties, carry out administrative, research and educational activities and transfer their knowledge to the new generation.

We believe that it is the new generation of young people, equipped with modern knowledge and true values, which will be able to change the course of history of our state towards the progress and fair and strong state building. This belief empowers us in our work.

Today the IUK is transformed into the Academic Consortium “International University of Kyrgyzstan” – a large intellectual country hub, consisting of a number of universities, colleges, research centers, medical clinics and other institutions. The University campuses are located in Bishkek and in the regions of the country.

The University currently employs more than two thousand employees and enrolls more than 14000 students, a significant number of whom are students from foreign countries.

The University staff are constantly working to improve training curricula and their international recognition. The University is actively engaged in cooperation with the leading foreign universities and research centers.

The University is involved in a number of national and international projects, aimed at finding the solutions to address the emerging challenges in our state and globally.

We pay special attention to personal development of students, who from the first days of enrollment enter the environment where the spirit of creativity, freedom and innovation prevails and there is no place for hypocrisy, lies, ignorance and corruption.

We are proud of the achievements of our graduates, many of whom made great strides in their careers and personal lives.

The Academic Consortium “International University of Kyrgyzstan” is a big friendly family, where the best years of our lives are spent. We will welcome each new member and will do our best to make your studies or work within the walls of our University useful and comfortable.


Arsen Aidaraliev, 

President of “International University of Kyrgyzstan” AC,

PhD in Medicine, Professor,

Corresponding Member of the Kyrgyz Republic National Academy of Sciences